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Ordinary People - Video

Robert Redford made his Oscar-winning directorial debut with this highly acclaimed, poignantly observant drama (based on the novel by Judith Guest) about a well-to-do family's painful adjustment to tragedy.

Ordinary People - DVD

Robert Redford's directorial debut and an undisputed masterpiece, Ordinary People chronicles that most painful and delicate of subjects, the disintegration of a middle class family.

Ordinary People - Book

Judith Guest tells the story, which the movie faithfully followed, of an upper middle class family in suburban Chicago. The book continually prompts the shock of recognition as we discern character traits and even scenes out of our own lives.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth - Book

Ric Edelman has a gift of being able to distill complex financial situations into easy to understand concepts, explained in layman's terms. His book shows how he counsels his clients and the results they have achieved as a result of his advice. Wealth is achievable by anyone who desires it, given time and the proper discipline. He provides insightful perspectives to help you duplicate the efforts of his clients.

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